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About Us

Who We Are

In 2021, after spending ten years as a small business in the printing industry, we realized there was a way to end the struggle faced by many small printing businesses in Botswana. Businesses whose capacity was limited because they could not afford the industrial printers available in the market at the time. We came up with a plan to source industrial printers that are affordable but without compromising on quality and introduce them to the Botswana market. We reached out to international world class printing brands including Mimage, Locor, Graphking and recently, Audley and convinced them to work with us. It is then that Megajet was born.

We have, since October 2021 managed to help over 100 entrepreneurs in Botswana, South Africa and Zambia to start digital printing businesses, expand on existing once and increase their revenues with our affordable, durable, exceptional quality and cost saving printers. We to broaden our reach to the rest of Southern Africa and ultimately, the world.


To offer the best industrial digital printing solutions in Botswana and beyond.


To provide industrial Digital printing machines and materials that are affordable, cost effective, durable and of exceptional quality.


First position, printing and publishing category, Botswana Consumer Fair, 2022.

Our Values

Commitment to customers

We commit to meet out customers' needs as best as possible and offer quality products, advice and technical support even beyond purchasing.


We aim to have continuous growth as a company by incorporating innovative solutions as necessitated by the ever-changing demands of the industry.

Employee development

We commit to empowering our employees to reach their fullest potential both in their respective careers and personal capacities.

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